Featured Artists

Brazos Glassworks features glass and jewelry artists from Texas and throughout the United States that design and create their own work.  Each piece is unique and handmade.

Appalachian Glass - A Glass Blowing family from West Virginia that spans 75 plus years in the Glass industry.  The three generations of blowers are Matt, Chip and Todd Turner create high quality mouth blown, hand crafted glass. To start the daily process, Turner fills his furnace with the major ingredients of sand, lime, soda ash, and feldspar. These ingredients are then melted down to produce the raw glass. The furnace reaches a high of 2500 degrees during the process which he starts at night so the glass will be ready for production the next day. The blown glass pieces created by the Turners are unique and functional.

Stephanie King – No MonetEarrings. Stephanie King designs delicate floral and fairy land earrings from vintage brass filigree and Swarovski Crystals.  Each petal is hand painted with a resin paint. She is from Ventura, California, and proudly notes that all of the primary components are from United States manufacturers.

Steve McGovney worked primarily in ceramics and sculpture for most of his career prior to moving into jewelry design. His jewelry concepts explore all media, from silver and stones, to tin and paper. We offer Steven's mixed media earrings and pendants, all made in his Arizona studio. The corrugated metals are any combination of brass, titanium, copper, or aluminum (we may not identify it specifically in the item description).

Ebba Krarup is of Glass Fire Jewelry was born in Denmark and now lives in the Pacific Northwest near Bellingham, Washington.  She creates beautiful fused jewelry and functional art pieces such as her famous pocket vases.  Every piece is unique and handmade.  Her work is found in galleries throughout the United States and Scandinavia.

Sylvi Harwin - Éclat.  Sylvi's unique collection of anodized jewelry is designed and handcrafted.  It bears her signature style of asymmetrics and the industrial techniques she has adapted for her artistic expression. She creates her jewelry on a small farm in southern California and in her art studio in France.

Rick Hunter of RickHunter Art Glass - Master’s degree in ceramics and glass from Cal State Fullerton.   His hand blown glass designs are handmade including the equipment he uses to create each piece. Hunter Art Glass has been showcased in many exhibits including: San Diego, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Tempe, and Philadelphia.  His studio is currently located in upland California, at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Lolipop by Jonathan Leon - a company that creates glass jewelry with an innovative technique that is called lampworking. He uses PYREX for every piece which makes Lolipop glass, the highest quality glass jewelry in the world.