• Apoxie Sculpt Primary Colors Kit


    This is a  kit of 4 containers (each is a .10 lb container of Apoxie Sculpt).  The kit has RED, GREEN, BLUE AND YELLOW.

    Apoxie® Sculpt combines the features and benefits of sculpting clay with the adhesive power of epoxy! Its smooth, putty-like consistency is easy to mix & use.   It is very soft and malleable,  It is sculpts, moldable and can be sued to bonding, filling and as an embedding base for jewelry. It is as simple as mixing equal parts of Part A and Part B.

    • Self-hardens (No Baking);

    • Working Time 1-3 hours.

    •  cures hard in 24 hrs.,

    • No shrinkage.

    • Permanent and Waterproof.

    • semi-gloss finish.

    • Adheres to nearly any surface, including itself, epoxies, ceramic, metal, wood, stone, glass, plastics, polymer clay, foam and more.

    • Accepts paints, stains, leafing, mica powders & more for a variety of finishing options.

    • You can blend the part A’s of Apoxie Sculpt to make a custom color.  Part a will not harden without part B.

    • Non hazardous


    We have done our best to photograph the item to render an accurate picture.  but please be aware that there may be slight color variations due to different computers and monitors.

    Enclosed with your purchase will be a color chart for blending your own colors.

    We calculate shipping on actual weight, if you are accidently overcharged for shipping, please note that we automatically refund any over payment that exceeds one dollar.