Aqua Isles 8mm Glass Ottoman Tiles for Mosaics, pkg of 100


This is a package of 100 or 200 tiles that are 8 mm square (1/4 inch) and 1/8 inch thick. The colors are pearlized, iridized and matte. This mix of tiles is Aqua Isles which is a mix of blue, teal and turquoise colors.
These are traditional Ottoman tiles made from recycled glass (mostly windowpane glass that is powdered, filtered and then melted).  The glass is the colored with natural minerals and color oxides. Each tile is stamped into individually pressed shapes rather than the common method of molding. Then each tile is annealed through a linear kiln to become the strongest and most durable mini glass mosaic available with excellent color fastness and may be cut easily and accurately using wheeled nippers without crumbling or waste. The smooth, even surface reflects and refracts light evenly to produce vivid color and life and the range of shades and tones make this product an excellent choice for all levels of mosaic.
The tiles are UV and frost resistant and can be used both outside and inside. 
We have done our best to photograph the item to render an accurate picture.  but please be aware that there may be slight color variations due to different computers and monitors.
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