• Indian Paintbrush (Castelleja) Fused Glass Suncatcher


    This is a 2" by 3" fused suncatcher of an Indian Paintbrush (Castelleja).  The Indian Paintbrush is one of the familiar roadside wildflowers of Texas and is found throughout the United States. The legend of the Paintbrush tell the story of a young brave who tried to paint the sunset with his warpaint.  Frustrated that he could not match the brilliance of nature he asked help from the Great Spirit.  The Great Spirit gave him paintbrushes with color and as he painted he discarded his brushes in the fields.  These brushes sprouted into the flowers we know as Indian Paintbrush.

    Each sun catcher is handmade by Brazos Glassworks.  Each piece is unique and although it renders our interpretation of a wildflower there are no exact copies and no two sun catchers are the same.  If you have a specific request contact us and we will be happy to try to accommodate you.

    We have done our best to photograph the item to render an accurate picture. However, please be aware that there may be slight color variations due to different computers and monitors.

    We calculate shipping on actual weight, if you are accidently overcharged for shipping, please note that we automatically refund any over payment that exceeds one dollar.