• Terrific Tangerine, Fused and Drilled Glass Wind Chime Parts, 12 Pieces, WC105-Mix


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    The is a set of 12 pieces of fused glass that are drilled for making wind chimes.  Six (6) pieces have 2 holes drilled and 6 pieces have 1 hole.  The complete is set is shown in both pictures.  This set is called Terrific Tangerine and is primarily orange, gold, white tones.

    The stained glass is hand cut, drilled and then fused in a kiln.  Fusing rounds the corners so there are no sharp edges and the annealing process hardens the glass.  Fused glass chime have a truer tone and can withstand stronger breezes.  Please be aware that there may be slight color variations due to different computers and monitors.e

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